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Here is my rather late Halloween special.  It is once again set in the Once Upon A Time universe and all rights are owned by ABC Studios.  A very special thanks once again goes out to Corazon… for doing the image.  And I am pleased to announce there will be a Christmas sequel to this as well with a very special villain.  I hope you all enjoy reading it!

The inhabitants of the magical town of Storybrooke were used to many unusual and in some cases downright frightening events happening. Seemingly on a weekly basis there would be some sort of disturbance in the seemingly ordinary town that any outsider would brand magical. And indeed this was true for a great many of the inhabitants of Storybrooke were magical. It was quite hard to forget about Ruby aka Little Red's disastrous attempt at charming her cleaning supplies to do all her chores in her grannies diner. The ending results were the customers fleeing in terror as the equipment went berserk, trashing the place and injuring a few people. Or the time when the seven dwarves tried their hands at growing bigger crops using a special magical powder Mr Gold had given them as a thank you gift for repairing his roof. But with a warning to use it with care.

By the time help arrived the monster pumpkins had grown to gigantic size and took over the field. Threatening to attack anyone who got too close. It took most of the day for mother superior aka the blue fairy and several volunteers to round them up and restore them to normal. After all with Halloween soon coming up they were needed for the big party. The townspeople realized that this would be their first major holiday after the curse was broken. And they could celebrate it in style. The dwarves were growing several pumpkins in the fields which had thankfully been turned back to normal. Snow White and her class were making lot's of sweets and confectionaries. And Emma and her friends and family were assisting with the preparations for the big party.

But although many strange things had happened in Storybrooke few shocked the residents as much as the incident on Halloween morning. People were awing in shock when the towns library literally exploded in a great inferno of green fire. Flaming debris rained down on the street and the clearly magical flames rose high above the shocked gathering crowd. By the time Emma and her family and friends arrived along with the emergency services a great deal of the residents had stopped by to see what all the commotion was all about. "What happened?" said Emma as she forced her way to the front of the mob. "We don't know" said Granny who was standing with her trusty crossbow at the ready.

"We were just doing our usual routines when whooosh! The library goes up in flames!" "My books!" A tearful Belle could only watch in despair as her beloved library was incinerated before her. A stunned Mr Gold put his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her. "That's not normal fire". Charming and Snow had just appeared. "It's definitely magical but who is capable of doing something like this?" Said Snow. "The library! What happened!" The young voice of Henry broke the shocked silence as he made his way through the crowd to his family. But the adults turned as a dark clad figure hurriedly dashed in front of them. Regina gasped at the blaze before her. A look of great concern over her face. "Regina are you alright?" Said Snow.

The evil queen turned around and went back to join the group as the firefighters went to work extinguishing the blaze. "Who did this?" she asked in barley more than a whisper. Her usual superior attitude gone. "We don't know yet. Were still trying to figure out" said Charming. "You don't think it could be-" but Emma's sentence was promptly cut off as a dark figure emerged from the flames. A black silhouette grew in the green fire before the figure emerged. Clad in an extravagant flowing gown and crown and carrying a magnificent staff the woman briskly strolled out of the inferno towards the crowd. There was a sharp intake of breath from many people. Regina stumbled backwards in shock. The woman came to a halt before the crowd. Her icy glare now focused on Regina.

"Hello Regina. Miss me dear?" "Maleficent!" Emma put a protective arm over Henry and Granny had even raised her crossbow. But the dark sorceress paid them no attention. "Did you ever tell your companions exactly how and why you kept me prisoner in that cavernous hell beneath that infernal library?" Her voice was calm but dripping with venom. "You were the dragon?!" Said Emma. "Indeed I was and a very powerful opponent you turned out to be" said Maleficent turning her gaze to the blonde woman for a moment. "Did it ever cross your mind once about what you did to your only friend as you call me. Cursing me to forever be trapped in my beast form and forced to guard your dark magical ornaments!"


Regina merely stared in shock at the menacing woman before her. "Can you ever imagine!" She was now addressing the whole crowd. "Being trapped in a dark cavern for so many years, alone, friendless. Completely under the power of a person who I thought cared about me!" Everyone stiffened as she stepped forward. "How - how did you escape?" Maleficent smiled. A sinister and very disturbing smile. I had help from a friend. A new friend who I can count on unlike you!" "Maleficent I'm sorry I - DON'T SPREAD YOUR LIES ONTO ME EVIL QUEEN!" Many people jumped. "Mark my words, I will make you suffer for what you did to me Regina!" Maleficent growled as she slowly advanced on her. Her staff standing ready and her cloak billowing in her wake. "I'm not going to kill you. That would be far too easy, far too merciful for what you deserve. You put me through terrible pain, so I will do the same to you". She advanced even more causing Regina to step back. The amount of hatred in her voice for her former friend was disturbing to her. "You took my freedom so I will take your greatest treasure. With the help of my new friend and companion I WILL take it from you and make you watch as I slowly destroy it!" Her staff began to glow a deep poisonous green. "You will suffer the great power of the dark lord!"  And with that she vanished in a great cloud of green smoke.


Rumplestiltskin hummed to himself as he strolled through the dark and to be quite frank incredibly gloomy and frightening atmosphere of the castle. The black rock formations, the sinister statues and the torches of red flames would have been enough to induce fear in a great many hearts. But it had been a long time since Rumplestiltskin had experienced fear. But at the moment he was curious. It had been some time since he had come to this world. But never did he imagine that the very powerful dark lord himself would summon him here. Rumple had only ever heard rumors and stories of the dark lord but from the looks of this place the stories of what he really is must be true. At the end of the passageway the huge black doors swung open together with a sinister squeak.


Before him was a huge throne room. Completely shrouded in a dark atmosphere but with a ray of moonlight shining through a big opening on the ceiling. A massive candelabra with thousands of burning red candles was hanging above. Rumple glanced upwards as a swarm of bats swooped outside into the night air. "Rumplestiltskin!" A deep echoing voice called from the shadows. A single figure was hidden in the dark. Only his silhouette could be seen as he sat on the stone throne. A giant bat like statue was towering over him. As Rumple got closer he could see the figure was very tall, and from his silhouette was wearing a long black cloak. Glowing red eyes leered at him from the darkness. "Your dark majesty. What an honor to be summoned to your charming castle!" Rumple made a flamboyant bow with a casual wave of his hand.


"To what do I owe the pleasure of this invitation?" The glowing red eyes seemed to pierce Rumple's darkened soul as he silently observed him from the shadows. "I know what you seek dark one. You seek the dark curse". The figure extended a small ornament from the shadows. His hand was bony with ghost white skin. The finger nails were long, curled and black. Grasped in his embrace was a small dark crystal. "I know you are a man of barging and deals. I wish to make one with you". Rumple raised his eyebrows in surprise. Indeed he had been searching for a way to form the dark curse but never did he imaging he could get it from here. "I am willing to give it to you. For a price". "Why of course. I have to say it's been a while since I've been offered a deal before. But what is it you want?"


The figure leered at him. Deep menacing breathing could be heard. "This curse is incredibly powerful and it's purchase price will be great. I want your greatest treasure Rumplestiltskin. Something you hold most dear to your blackened heart. Something that can never be replaced". Rumple chuckled to himself. "Oh really! Well I doubt you'd be interested in my collection of antiques back in my castle!" The dark lord took a deep growling breath. "There is nothing you have now that would interest me. But if you agree to my terms I will come in the uncertain future and take your greatest treasure and keep it for myself. To do with as I please". His eyes narrowed for a moment. "Do we have an agreement?" Rumple thought to himself. He was a trickster himself and indeed this dead did sound rather dangerous. But he did need that curse if he wanted any chance to see Bealfire again.


"Very well, I accept your offer!" The black crystal was then magically floated down to him. Rumple giggled to himself as he grasped his new weapon and turned to leave. "Rumplestiltskin!" The dark lord called out suddenly. Rumple turned to face his new client. "I, like you ensure that those who owe me a debt pay it and I warn you now. When the time comes for you to pay I expect it. Because if you refuse or try anything to interfere". There was a deep menacing breath that filled the chamber. He next spoke in barley more than a whisper but it could still be clearly heard "I will show you the true meaning of pain and suffering in all it's forms!" A bitter chill swept the room before a shrugging Rumple teleported away in a cloud of purple smoke.


When the fire was put out Regina and many of the towns heroes gather at Grannies diner to discuss the latest incident. "How could you do something like that Regina? She was your friend!" Snow White yelled to her step mother in anger. The diner was packed with people. All eager to hear about what was going on. "I did what I had to do to. But believe me when I say. I do wish I had changed what I did" said Regina with an air of superiority. "Who is this dark lord she was talking about?" Henry suddenly piped up. A few faces turned to look at Mr Gold as he casually stood to one side watching the scene unfold. "I assure you all she is not referring to me". "I've never heard of anyone by that name from our world" said Charming


"That's because he is not from your world". Everyone spun around as a lone man entered the diner. "He's from mine". "Doctor Whale" said Emma in surprise. It had been some time since she had seen the good doctor. But considering his reputation for turning people into monsters and his alcoholism she couldn't blame Doctor Frankenstein for wanting to lay low. "The beast Maleficent is referring to is from a distant land in my world". "Then who is this dark lord she is referring to?" said Regina in a snappy tone. The doctor eyed her as if in a pitiful way. "He has many names. The dark lord, the emperor of the night, the king of blood. But his true name and title is Count Dracula".


There was some murmuring amongst the crowd. "Dracula. As in the vampire?" said Emma with an air of disbelief. "Yes, the one and only". "But Dracula doesn't appear in my book" said Henry. "Does that mean he's here in Storybrooke too?" By now many people were muttering nervously to each other. "Unlikely, for he can only leave his realm at night. If he did come here he would have died in the sunlight. Again anyway". "So your saying that Maleficent has formed an alliance with this Dracula" said Regina. "It would appear so". By now Mr Gold had stepped forward. "I fear he may try to enter Storybrooke tonight". "Why do you say that" said Snow. "On the night of Halloween the boundaries between worlds are at their thinnest. With a powerful enough spell he could quite easily cross over into this one".


"But what does he want with us?" said Charming. "Not with you, with me". "Rumple what do you mean?" Belle stepped next to her lover and put her arms over his shoulders. "Long ago I made a pact with him to acquire the dark curse. In exchange for it's power source he would one day come to take my greatest treasure to claim as his own and do with as he saw fit". "Oh" said Regina with a look of distain. "So you didn't create it yourself then". "If that is true Mr Gold than you have made a grave mistake" said Doctor Whale. He turned to face the crowd. "Cound Dracula is unlike anything you could imagine from your world. He doesn't feel love, pity, fear or remorse. He can't be bargained or reasoned with. And if he wants something from us there is nothing that can stop him". He turned back to face Mr Gold.


"His power rivals even that of the dark one himself. And whatever it is that he and Maleficent want I can guarantee you. They will be taking it". And so the preparations began. Preparing for a battle than many were unsure would happen. Taking no chances, Emma and Regina had agreed on something for once. Henry was to remain at home with Snow while the preparations for the party continued. They were still determined to finish the celebrations. Henry remained largely unconcerned regarding this bizarre new threat to the town. So far his family and friends had endured curses, monsters, and villains of every kind. He knew in his heart that they would be able to take care of themselves.


He was currently sitting on the sofa just idly reading through his storybook. His reading however was suddenly interrupted when Snow promptly snuck up behind him and with her fighting style speeds grasped his sides and squeezed. "AAAAAAIIIIII!" Henry promptly threw the book into the air in surprise and curled up in a fetal position on the couch as Snow continued her assault. The giggling woman dug her fingers into the boys ribs, inducing fresh laughter. "Ah Henry, it's been too long since I heard your sweet laughter!" she called over her grandsons squeals. "Snow get hahahahahahahaha off!" Henry shrieked between his laughter.


"No can do Henry. I never got the chance to do anything like this before and I intend on taking full advantage!" With her fighting skills she easily held the small boy down but made sure not to hurt him. Henry flailed his arms around madly as his young grandmother dug her fingers into his ribs and stomach. "hahahahahaha I thought you were a hero, ahahahahahahahah!" Snow gasped dramatically and stepped back. Clutching her heart in a dramatic shocked pose. "Are you accusing me of being a villain?" "Yes I am!" Henry yelped back mischievously. "Oh now you've earned it!"


But just as she began her assault on him again the door burst open with an anxious Emma and Charming standing there, ready for the battle. "We heard yelling, is everything alright?" said Emma. But after seeing the playful scene before them, they eased up. "Mom help! She's torturing me!" cried Henry. "This little tyke gave the impression that I was a villainess" said Snow in a mock hurt voice. "Oh well if that's the case. Maybe I should help out" said Emma with as much mischief in her voice as her son. As she advanced on him Henry turned to his grandfather as she strolled away. "Gramps help me!" But the man merely shook his head. "Sorry Henry but your on your own on this one. I've learned never to interfere with my wife and daughter".


And working as a team mother and daughter went to work attacking the boys torso and feet. With Snow going after the ribs and stomach and Emma happily raking her long nails over the soft sensitive soles. And after some time of tickle torture Emma promptly told the boy to start getting ready for the party. And as the sun went down the revealers started to appear in the park in front of the school. Quite a few people had chosen to dress up for the occasion. But mainly in fancy garments from the enchanted forest. Since this holiday was very new to them they did not see the need to dress up as monsters. Henry couldn't help but giggle when he saw that Gold and Belle had doted their clothing they wore back in their world.


Regina had given Henry a big hug and showed off her best black gown. Hook was wearing a fancy long feathered hat that did not suit him at all and Ruby and her granny had adorned big furry coats. Snow White's class had made the most effort and were clad in cute costumes. The party was turning out to be a great success with lots of music being played and dancing and all the food and drink stalls. Henry was just chatting with his friend August when he heard a distant rumble of thunder. Looking up the sky was turning a rapid and intense black. This unearned him but this quickly turned to being downright alarmed when a great arch of lightning struck across the sky. By now several people were starting to freak out. The wind howled with a great roar sending equipment on the stalls flying.


Regina grasped Henry around the shoulders as the black clouds above began to sway in a most unnatural fashion. As people began to run for cover from the raging wind a sudden blast of lightning in the middle of the street made people duck for cover. As the wind died down the lightning bolt expanded into a great red fire. A tall dark figure began to form in the flames. Completely black, with a long gothic cloak that swept right down to the ground. When the flames finally dissipated the anxious crowd got a full view of the shadow figure before them. His features were hidden, it was as if the darkness was consuming him. But his glowing red eyes swept the crowd. Henry shivered as a sudden cold seemed to sweep the area.


There was a long, deep and menacing draw of breath from the emperor of the night before he spoke in a deep voice that made many people shiver. "Rumplestiltskin!" Gently releasing Belle from his embrace the grim faced dark one strolled forward and stood in front of the crowd. "We meet again your majesty. To what do I owe this pleasure?" Dracula hissed menacingly and his eyes flashed dangerously for a moment. "You know why I'm here dark one". "And I'm here-!" Everyone spun around as Maleficent swept through the mob of people to stand next to her friend. "To both assist him and ensure I get my vengeance". She had her eyes on Regina. "Why are you helping him Maleficent?" Said Regina as she bravely stepped forward. The blonde witch laughed for a moment.


"Because-!" She was now addressing the whole crowd. "The greatest treasure of Rumplestiltskin just happens to be the same greatest treasure as your beloved queen!" Charming and Granny had secretly drawn their weapons. They could tell that something was about to happen. Dracula stepped closer and many people stepped back. "We want your grandson Rumplestiltskin!" Henry gasped in fear but instantaneously many things happened at once. "NO!" Both Regina and Emma cried and jumped in front of the now terrified boy. As did Charming, Snow, Granny, Ruby and several other people. All over people began to draw weapons. Swords, guns, spears and in the case of mother superior and her nuns their wands. For the first time in many years Rumplestiltskin was showing true fear on his face.


"No - no anything but Henry!" But both figures merely stared back at him and the now heavily armed crowd. "We made an agreement Rumplestiltskin. The dark curse in exchange for your greatest treasure. Which just happens to be your grandson". "Quite a coincidence isn't it Regina?" Called out Maleficent to the shocked and now trembling women as she shielded her son from their view. "Now you'll feel pain as I take the one thing you love the most away from you!" "Please. I'll do anything you want. But please don't take him from me!" It was as if he was a meek cowardly man all over again. Devoid of any power and cowering at the first sign of conflict. He wouldn't have been surprised if Dracula demanded he kissed his boot.


"Stand aside!" his voice had increased in intensity as well as coldness. Rumple decided then and there that talk would solve nothing. Quick as a flash he summoned a ball of fire in his hand and launched it at the king of blood. But with a mere flick oh his claw like hand the flames disappeared. And carrying out his promise the area was soon filled the the shouts and screams of Mr Gold. He lay on the ground, curled up and twitching in agony as red electrical like arcs of magical energy shot across his body. Charming and the other gun wielding citizens started to fire but Maleficent merely cast up a shield blocking the bullets as they advanced closer. "Emma take Henry and run!" said Regina as she summoned all of her power to fight.


As Granny launched an arrow at the approaching hostiles the king of vampires merely caught it with his hand and incinerated it. As the blond woman scuttled away with her precious son hidden in her arms she could only watch as her family and friends tried to fight the evil opponents. Mother superior and her nuns were launching a bombardment of spells at Dracula that seemed to bounce right off him. And Maleficent was making short work of the sword wielding men and woman who tried to launch themselves at her. Both Emma and Henry shrieked as there was a great BOOM! from behind. Everyone was thrown off their feet and lay on the ground twitching in pain as a stunning spell eloped them. "Going somewhere?" Emma gasped as Maleficent suddenly appeared before her. And from behind Dracula advanced. His cloak sliding across the floor behind him.


But before Emma could even try to beg she was promptly thrown aside by a spell. The trembling and whimpering Henry cowered before the two figures. "No, please don't take my son!" A twitching and moaning Regina tried to crawl towards them. But the effects of the spell hindered her. "Watch Regina as I make you suffer!" Henry gasped as a swarm of giant bats suddenly descended from the dark skies. With swift action he found himself grasped in their many claws and lifted from the ground. "NOOOO HELP ME!" His flailing form disappeared into the dark abyss above them and the two adults vanished in a great black cloud. "Henry!" Regina whispered in despair before finally collapsing from the pain.


Henry screamed madly as the swarm of bat like creatures carried him through the raging storm. The great black masses of clouds swept past them with thunder and lightning still blasting through them. The small boy flayed his arms and legs in the air as the bats carried him through the endless night. And when the clouds finally burst open he saw where his destination was and gasped. A mighty but yet terrifying castle was looming ahead. It's tall spiky spires were as black as night. A chilling mist was covering the entire mountainous area. Swirling in a most unnatural fashion. Henry started to struggle and yell in fear as he was carried to the tallest tower. More of the bats were circling around it. And then he was flown through a large window. He just got a glimpse of a large and dimly lit chamber before he was thrown to the floor. The bats flew back out of the window screeching.


As Henry got to his feet with some grunts he found himself standing in the middle of a dark and gloomy chamber, dimly lit with a candelabra above, with hundreds of red candles. "Welcome child". Henry jumped and spun around as the large black figure stood before him. Those menacing red eyes seemed to pierce his very soul. Behind him the smiling Maleficent strolled closer. "W - what do you want with me?" He tried his best to sound brave but he began to whimper as they drew closer. "You are the payment for my deal with your grandfather. In accordance with it you now belong to me. To do with as I please". Henry stared dumbstruck at the terrible realization. "Wh - but - you can't. Please let me go home!" Maleficent strolled closer and gently stroked her hand across his cheek.


"I know your afraid my dear but I promise this will all be over soon. For my revenge against your mother will soon be complete. But my friend here needs you for a very special purpose". Henry whimpered as the lord of all vampires cast him in his shadow. "I need to feed child. Your energy is so exquisite and the taste would greatly enhance me". Henry whimpered as he rubbed his neck. "Are you going to bite me?" Just from the darkness Henry could see a smile forming, revealing two shiny fangs. "No child. While feeding on ones blood had it's appeals for the first few hundred years I eventually grew tired. But you. Why with all your power and belief and hope you can offer me a new meal". His tone seemed to soften at the next speech. "I'm afraid you won't survive to witness the end result. But I assure you child it will be over soon". As the figure loomed over him Henry's eyes began to swim with tears upon hearing the terrible realization. But before he could begin to beg for his lift he was struck with a spell and darkness overcame him.


"NOOOOOOOOOO - AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" For the last few days the chamber had been filled with those terrible screams of torture. But they weren't normal screams of pain. There was much laughter in the volumes but without any trace of joy. Doctor Victor Frankenstein winced as his subjects were forced to endure yet another round of tickle torture from his current inventions. A combination of his marvelous technologies and the count's dark magic. Below him three young lads were restrained on tables and a chair. All of the being tickled in different ways. When the latest test ended for a few moments the boys tearful pleads for released hurt his heart. He hated doing this to the children but he desperately needed gold if he was to continue his work. And the count had offered his employment in exchange for riches.


The count apparently wanted a new source of energy to feed on. And this strange power source came from subjects such as these right here. Right now dozens of cursed feathers, brushes, vibrators, claws, fingers and even magically controlled insects attacked the most sensitive areas of the mostly bare boys bodies. Almost every bit of bare skin that wasn't covered in the multiple cuffs and restraints was being tickle tortured. Their bare feet were suffering dozens of brushes and feathers scrubbing over the soles. Their torsos were covered in worms and insects crawling and wiggling over their sensitive skin in-between the apparatuses that scrubbed, glided and wiggled over the navels, ribs and underarms. Victor just hoped this job would be over soon. While he may have mad a monster back at home he didn't want to become one himself. Unlike his current benefactor.


Henry yelped in shock. The memory of his predicament flooding back to him. He found himself staring up at the dark ceiling, lying on a hard surface. He rushed to get up only to find that he couldn't. His muffled yelp of fear allowed him to feel something pressing hard over his mouth. He was cuffed and chained down to the table. Strong leathery cuffs entwined his wrists and ankles. Attached to them were chains, bolted into the sides of the table. Another long chain was coiled over his waist, pinning his torso down. The gag was a leathery device, strapped around his head. No matter how loud he tried to scream only quiet muffles came out. He could also tell from the cold on his bare skin that he was now clad in only his undergarments. He began to whimper and tremble as the table began to tilt forward with the sound of many gears moving.


"I suppose your curious about your current predicament child?" said the chilling voice of his dark captor. His shadow crept up the wall above him. "Your energy can only be extracted with a very simple method. I've charmed the equipment with dark magic to hyper stimulate your senses. Regrettably it will lead to your grave". Several large black feathers materialized above him. Henry began to scream in horror through his gag as they began to magically float down to his helplessly bound body. The second the tips touched his skin it was agonizing. The dark magic seemed to pulsate through his skin, unleashing a terrible ticklish agony. Right away he tried to pull on the cuffs but they remained firmly locked in place. He tried to wiggle his feet to escape the feathers touching his soles but they merely followed.


The ones attacking his underarms and torso were agonizing. He tried desperately to pull his arms down to protect himself but it was no use. He tried to shake his head from side to side as one started to attack his face. He couldn't even twist his torso to escape the feathers magical touch. All he could do was wiggle under the chain which seemed to be doing more harm than good as it allowed the feathers to tickle easier. The count watched from the shadows and began to suck up the energy that was being generated from the boy. While he regretted having to end his young life he needed his energy to ensure his own immortality. Who knows, he may even reward him after his passing with immortality of his own. And from the way the boy was screaming and laughing through his gag and the steady reddening of his face. He knew it wouldn't be long until he would be gone.


After the villains dramatic attack and abduction of the towns truest believer there had been a great deal of pandemonium. After his vicious attack Mr Gold required treatment from the nun's as he was seemingly paralyzed and his magic greatly weakened. A few people had suffered injuries but thankfully nothing too serious. While her family were assisting with repairing the damage done Emma stormed over to a disturbed looking Doctor Whale. "Where have they taken him?" He merely glanced at her through glazed eyes. It was apparent he had been drinking again. By now Regina and several other people had come over. When they didn't get an answer a bare toothed Regina roughly grasped him by the throat. "Where did they take my son!" It took some time for the other adults to prize her off him.


After he had regained his breath. "To the forbidden mountain in my world". "But there's no way to get there" said Snow. "Actually there is" said Whale and he lifted up a blood red stone from his coat pocket. "Maleficent dropped it before she left. I believe it's a teleporter of some sort". Regina took it and examined it further. "He's right. There's just enough magic here to transport one person to that world". But her eyes were filled with fear when she looked back up at them. "It wasn't dropped accidentally. This is an invitation. She wants me to follow them back". There was a few objections, especially from Charming and Emma who volunteered to take her place. "No! If anyone is going to try and save Henry it's going to be me. I've got him into this".


"But it's obviously a trap. They'll be expecting you!" said Charming. "I have to do this. Just for once, let me be the hero". And before anyone could argue she began to charge the teleporter up with her magic. "Regina. We'll find a way to follow you back" said Emma. "Just take care of yourself now ya hear!" The evil queen unleashed a rare non lethal smile before she was engulfed in a black cloud. As the small family stood and stared in despair over their loss Emma suddenly realized. "Wait! Rumplestiltskin said the boundries between worlds are at their thinnest. He could transport us there too". And she briskly set off for the hospital with her parents right behind her.


"HHHHHHHPPPPPPPMMMMMMM!" The power of the cursed feathers was steadily increasing. The more the feathers glided and poked his flesh the more the waves of dark magic swept through him. The chamber was now filled with the sounds of muffled laughter and screams and the constant clattering of chains. Right now one of the feathers was drilling right into the navel while another was attacking the neck. Two were going for the thighs and legs and especially the feet and toes. It Henry thought the plant incident with the gargalia tree was bad this was worse. He could hear the satisfied hissing of his captor as he fed on the energy he was unwillingly producing for him to feed on.


Henry silently wept as the torture continued to increase. He could only prey that his family would come to rescue him. He didn't know how much of the he could last. He was beginning to grow awfully tired. The count was stripping him clean. Again he clenched his hands into fists and pulled with all his might. His face beet red with the effort and from the tickles. It didn't help that two of the feathers were going after his underarms. But it was no use. The chains were just too strong. And as tears of both ticklishness and despair streamed down his cheeks, Henry silently prayed that someone would save him.


Regina trembled, both in fear and from the bitter cold. She tried her best to cover herself up with her coat but it made little difference. Her breath turned to mist before her. It was as if the cold was deliberately trying to torment her. Never in her long life had she ever felt a fear in her heart such as this moment. Even suffering the cruel manipulations and abuse of her mother, she had never been filled with such terror. Stood before her was her destination. A tall, dark castle. The place practically oozed with evil. Pitch black stones made it's construction. Eerie statues stood beside the ascending slope towards it. A dense chilling mist swirled around the castle in a most unnatural fashion. Swarms of bats circled the highest tower.


It was from the windows of this tower that the only source of light was being generated in this gloomy and frightening place. Regina jumped and shrank away deeper into her hiding place beneath the rocks as a great swarm of the bat creatures flew overhead. Heading towards the castle. Even from this distance Regina could just hear a noise coming from the tower. Just over the whistle of the wind. A terrible scream of laughter. But that laughter was filled with anything but joy. The pain and distress in it's tone made the former evil queen weep. And so with a heart filled with sorrow and fear she bravely set forth to try and retrieve her greatest treasure. As she slowly strolled up the dark path towards the castle she could feel the evil presence watching her. She new it was a trap but she had to try. For once she had to be a hero. "Hang on Henry. Mommy's coming".


"#And I fortunately know a little magic. It's a talent that I always have possessed". Rumplestiltskin happily sang to himself as he worked on the curse trigger in his chamber. Adding a wide range of ingredients to the black crystal he studied it's unholy destructive power. "#Now derie please don't laugh I've used it on behalf of the miserable, the lonely and depressed". He muttered a pathetic while he threw a useless piece away and banished it into flames. The dark sorcerer was curious as to what Dracula had meant by his greatest treasure. His greatest treasure was currently lost in a world he currently had no possible way of getting too. Not without using this incredibly powerful and incredibly evil weapon before him.


The once all mighty Mr Gold was currently lying on a hospital bed, being assisted by the personnel. Including a reluctant Doctor Whale. When the doors burst open revealing a silently distressed daughter and her parents Rumple knew he was in for it. "I thought you had it bad when you got Henry stuck in that monster tree but this!" Emma was tempted to smack her sons grandfather. "You don't think I'm scared for Henry too? Believe me I would certainly have never agreed to that deal if I knew the consequences". "How to we get to his world?" Charming piped up. "You said the boundaries are at their thinnest tonight. How can we break through them?" Said Snow.


"There might be a way, give me the stone and your necklace". Emma gave him a confused look before removing her necklace and handed it and the blood red stone that Regina had dropped to him. "I can charge it up again using my magic. It will allow all of you to go to Dracula's castle and back again. Your necklace will offer a defense against him. But his curse has greatly weakened me. It may not work". As he grasped the stone in his hand it started to glow again. "What your doing is suicide!" Doctor Whale had stepped forward. "You won't stand a chance against him". Emma grasped the now glowing stone and glared at the good doctor. "I'm getting my kid back. And nothing is going to stop me!" And without hesitation the trio vanished.


By now Henry's screams had subsided to low moans. He was now on the brink of unconsciousness. His head was slumped to one side and his eyes shut. Still the feathers tickled him. Still unleashing the terrible magic upon his body. He didn't have the energy to struggle anymore. Still he tried to hang on. He knew if he fell asleep he wouldn't wake up again. He moaned through his gag as the feathers licked and stroked over the soles of his feet and his sensitive stomach, ribs and armpits. He could tell from the chuckling in the darkness his captor was enjoying his meal. By now Henry was unsure if being bitten on the neck would be any worse.


It was far too easy to get inside. The doors opened for her as she strolled across the drawbridge and over a massive chasm. Shivering she briskly strolled through the dark and grim interiors of the castle Regina heard a low moaning coming from a set of big doors down the corridor. "Henry!" Breaking into a run she rammed the doors open and gasped at the sight. Her barley alive son was chained and shackled to a table with several black magical feathers tickling him to death. Running towards the table she launched a spell to release the bindings. But she could only watch in horror as her spell was absorbed by an invisible force field. She was suddenly thrown backwards off her feet.


Collapsing to the ground Regina gasped as a smirking Maleficent stood before her. "I promised to make you watch as I slowly destroy your greatest treasure". Henry opened his eyes upon hearing the noise and spotted his mother. "mmmMMMPPPHHH!" He tried to call out to her as the feathers continued to drive him closer to death. His energy was now almost gone. "Hold on Henry, I'm going to save you!" she called out to him. "I'm afraid you will be doing nothing of the sore your majesty". The count emerged from the darkness. "His pure hope and belief is feeding me. And I will not let a good meal go!" Regina noticed several weapons mounted on the wall and summoned them to her. Quick as a flash she sent them hurling to her sons abductor.


But with effortless ease they were deflected. She even tried to summon the red flames but failed. Finally she was struck down by Maleficent who soon had Regina withering on the ground in pain. As her former friend approached Regina cried out. "PLEASE! If your going to kill me then kill me but I beg of you. Let my son go!" "No your majesty I will not". The count glided over to her. "Not only will I finish feeding on him but I think I will also transform him when he has passed away. I like the idea of a prince of darkness to rule my empire by my side". Regina stuttered at the terrible thought. But she jumped back as the king of vampires was suddenly sent flying across the chamber by a great beam of pure golden light. Standing there with her golden crucifix in hand, Emma send the magical wave across the chamber, knocking Dracula against the wall.


"No!" Maleficent advanced on her only to be roughly assaulted by Snow and Charming as they emerged from the darkness. Quickly knocking the woman out the couple proceeded to unchain their grandson. "Hurry guys I don't think this things going to last much longer!" Emma called. Unchaining the boy proved to be difficult as their appeared to be some sort of spell on the chains and the feathers were still attacking him. But with a spell from Regina the feathers vanished and the chains and manacles released him. Dracula meanwhile struggled furiously against the magical light that was keeping him pinned. As Charming carried the barley conscious Henry Emma pulled out the stone. But before she could activate it Dracula finally broke free of the light.


And with an almighty roar he charged across the chamber, claws outstretched and his cloak bellowing behind him. The group disappeared in a black cloud just as he tried to pounce on them. The last thing they heard was an almighty roar of rage before they materialized back in the hospital. The rising sun visible through the window. An amazed Doctor Whale and the staff quickly went to work treating Henry. Mother superior cast some soothing and healing charms over him. After placing the now sleeping boy to bed Emma turned back to her family. "So is this it? Is it all over?" "The night is over. He can't come through anymore" said Rumple from his bed. "Not until next year anyway" said Doctor Whale. "Well if that's the case. Well be ready for him" said Charming.



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