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December 6, 2013


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The Ticklenapper strikes again.  This time taking choir singer Jack Topping.  This story was given a sneak preview in my story Sneak Peek.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - NO PLEASE STOP IT - HOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - I DON'T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE!" The dimly lit chamber was awash in the hysterical cries of a tormented boy. Clad in just a pair of undergarments the sweet faced, copper haired choir boy with the angelic voice was lying restrained onto an interesting table like device. His wrists and head were encased in stocks as were his ankles. Strong rubbery cuffs encircled his arms preventing him from wiggling them and another strap was secured over his waist. Preventing him from bouncing and wiggling too much. And just for better results His toes were also tied up with thick string and pulled back. With his tear stained eyes screwed shut and his mouth wide open in a great scream, Jack felt the full onslaught of the tickle torture.

"Enjoying yourself Jack?" said a calm male voice. The large figure loomed over the small boy. Clad in a big brown coat and hat that hid his features, the man drilled several spinning and vibrating brush like devices into the boys most sensitive bare spots. Right now his gloved hands were pressing the brushes into the boys ribs. Not too hard but enough to invoke a wave of ticklish torment. His other brush was drilling into his stomach, making it bounce. "NOOOOOOO STOP IT PLEASEEEEEEEEEE - LET ME GO - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" "But this is what you wanted wasn't it? You wanted to get ticklenapped by me. But even after I granted your request you already wish to leave. That is something I cannot allow yet". This merely induced more shrieking from the choir boy. Both from despair and from the fact that The Ticklenapper was now going for his legs.

He easily drilled the devices into his thighs and behind his knees. "I'll let you go when your done with my games and of course when your record label pays your ransom". He indicated the camera on the ceiling recording everything. "I wonder what your fans will think when they find out you actually wanted to get taken by me and subjected to my methods?" He pressed three devices firmly into the arches of each foot. This earned a scream so loud and high pitched it quickly went into a silent scream. Next he began to rub the brushes over his toes. This had to indeed be his most unusual ticklenapping yet. And he had been doing this for a long time. A great many kids would be terrified of the thought of being snatched away and tortured for hours by The Ticklenapper. But not Jack Topping. The young angelic voiced boy became very interested in this mysterious criminal.

Jack loved tickling and as much as he had to admit it. He loved the idea of being ticklenapped. Completely at the mercy of his abductor and tickled like crazy. The thought made his head swim with excitement. Many would have called him crazy but he wanted it so badly. He remembered when Ronan Parke and another singer. An Australian boy named Jack Vidgen had been ticklenapped. It was all over the news and when he saw those two boys being tickled sensesly he wished he could be in their place. So he made a plan. When he was last interviewed for the news Jack had made a comment that he would love to get ticklenapped. It was a long shot but it was worth a try. Days and weeks went by without any results. He was beginning to loose hope. That was until a performance he did for a Christmas concert.

Dressed in his choir outfit he was just singing a sweet rendition of a timely Christmas classic when the floor at his feet suddenly opened. With a brief shriek of surprise he fell into the darkness into the stage. He fell with a flump! onto a mattress and after recovering from the shock peered into the dusty gloom. And then a sudden burst of excitement hit him. This was it! It had to be! The Ticklenapper was going to take him. But before he could get up a strong gloved hand snapped over his mouth and another squeezed his shoulder and neck. As his eyes curled back and sleep began to overtake him a masked face came into his vision. "Your wish is my command Mr Topping" he said. Just before he blanked out. And with his new captor out cold he left a single long white feather behind as a sign of his kidnapping and for his family to expect a video.

When Jack had awoken, tied down his first reaction was a big smile. "I've been ticklenapping for years and never have I ever seen someone as willing as you before". The Ticklenapper strolled out of the darkness and stood next to his bound prisoner. "Why would you possibly want this kind of treatment?" Jack's heart was racing with excitement but nerves as well. It was quite scary being in this predicament. "I've been watching you for some time and I really wanted to be ticklenapped!" He said excitedly. The older man raised an eyebrow from under his hat. "As you wish my boy. But I warn you now that whether you like it or not you are now my captive and you will only be released when all my demands have been paid. And when you have completed all my games". He then proceeded to pull out the two brushes from his coat pocket. "Lets get started shall we. And don't forget to laugh merrily, the camera is recording everything".

The next hour was at first filled with sweet merry laughter from the boy. But as time went by Jack was getting tired and restless from being constantly restrained and tickled like this. Pulling at his restrained arms he asked during a break if he could be let out. The Ticklenapper again explained the rules and that if he didn't like what was happening then he should have thought about what he had put himself in for, before he wanted to get ticklenapped. Thus as the tickling resumed, Jack began to regret his decision. How long would he be kept like this? He shrieked and tried to shake his head from side to side as The Ticklenapped dug his hands into his ribs and wiggled his fingers over his stomach. More torments began as he again brought out the brushes and drilled into his armpits. As the hours went by, Jack was now completely exhausted.

Eyes closed he slumped on the table, breathing deeply. The Ticklenapped finally withdrew his wiggling fingers from the boys feet. "I think you've had enough for today. I'll wheel you into your cell for the night". "WHAT!" That caught Jack's attention as he snapped his eyes open. "Your going to keep me here overnight!" "Yes I am, I will need to send your ransom video to your record producers and family tomorrow and I also have an invitation to meet with someone. Since you've been wanting to be taken by me I also thought it would be nice to keep you here for a while". He then proceeded to wheel the table away to the holding cell with a weekly protesting Jack. Once he wheeled the table into the cell he left and locked the door in his wake. "The restraints will release you automatically. I'll be back in the morning for you. Sleep well!" The straps and stocks did indeed release him and the mostly bare Jack right away ran to the door. No matter how much he pulled, banged against it or yelled, there was no escape.

"HHHHHHMMMMMMPPPPPP!" Jack's muffled yell echoed around the chamber as the machine began to drill and wiggle it's feathers and brushes onto his body. He was tied with rope to a chair, wish his wrists tied to some railing above his head and his feet off a stool before him. More rope was wrapped around his torso and a cloth gag was secured over his mouth. The machine around him attacked all over his bare skin with it's many appendages. After a long night in his cell, Jack had awoken to find himself tied to the chair. And The Ticklenapper looming over him. "Alright Jack I'm going to be gone for a few hours. The machine will keep you entertained!" And with that he strolled out of the door, leaving a screaming Jack in the machines embrace.
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I would have said "That sound fun", but considering the story, I'm going to change my comment to:

That sounds fun to be in for ONLY ONE HOUR.
Very wise words indeed!
Ever thought of just using the Joker's gas on tickle victims?
Not a bad idea actually. A method that induces hysterical laughter but without any physical touch.
Too bad it can kill.
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